Programme Overview

Joining the Programme

The AHWNI JDCP is a voluntary programme. Herd owners can enrol most easily at their first on farm Veterinary Risk Assessment and Management Plan ((VRAMP (see below)). AHWNI has designed an online system to allow authorised veterinary practitioners (AVPs) to carry out the VRAMP on farm using a web portal which is accessible by smart phone. The weblink to the online portal can be found at or on the AHWNI website
Before an AVP can carry out the VRAMP or upload any information, the herdowner must first give their consent to participate in the programme. Once the herdowner’s consent is uploaded, the herd is from that point enrolled within the AHWNI JDCP. Alternatively herdowners can contact AHWNI directly (028 7963 9333) or by email

Objectives of the Programme

  1. To provide herdowners with the various programme components, including data handling, diagnostic and on-farm advisory elements, that are required to support a robust and internationally recognised Johne’s Disease control programme in Northern Ireland with the following goals:
    1. Bio-exclusion. To identify those herds that test negative for Johne’s disease and provide these farmers with the knowledge and professional support to allow them to increase their confidence over time of being free of infection and to protect their herds from the on-going risk of introduction of this disease.
    2. Bio-containment. To provide herds identified by the programme, or otherwise, as being infected or having a low confidence of freedom from infection, with the knowledge and professional supports to allow them to control and reduce the prevalence of the disease over time and ultimately to achieve a high confidence of freedom from infection.
    3. Market reassurance. To underpin the quality of Northern Irish dairy produce in the international marketplace.

In addition, the programme will generate information in relation to the control of Johne’s disease on farms in Northern Ireland, including that relating to the economics of the disease and its control. This information will be used to assist the future development of the AHWNI Johne’s Disease Control Programme.

How does the programme work?

Approved veterinary practitioners have under gone specific training provided by AHWNI. These approved vets can carry out on site farm risk assessment and disease management advisory visit (VRAMA). Details of veterinary practices with approved practitioners can be found by clicking here.

The Programme consists of three principal components;

  1. Enrolment
  2. Herd Screening
  3. Risk assessment and disease management advisory (VRAMA) visit and follow-up risk review visits.

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